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How Law Khoj Works

Law Khoj's legal research engine is based on Google's Custom Search API and uses Google's superior search engine for indexing and searching through websites which contain information/material about legal topics, with an Indian law focus. Thus, instead of typing in multiple detailed queries, one can get the appropriate legal material by typing in simple terms. Furthermore, the search results can be refined by clicking on one of the many refinements (Such as searching only Free Access material or only through Central Government ministries etc). We also try to make the results more relevant by giving priority to websites which are more relevant.

What makes Law Khoj superior to Google or any other search engine is the fact that it gives more weightage to relevant websites instead of searching through an index of the entire Web for a specific keyword. The list of websites that are searched via Law Khoj has been designed keeping in mind the richness of content and is constantly updated.

How To Make Your Searches More Relevant

In order to make your search results more relevant, kindly refer to Google's search basic and advanced tips.

Law Khoj makes extensive use of Refinements or categorisation. All websites have been categorised and labelled according to the kind of content they make available. Use the refinements provided when you're sure of the category of material you are searching for as the refinement will only look through or promote certain sites. For example to search for only Indian related material click on the refinement "Only INDIA related material" etc. The labels are shown at the top of the results window.

Further, all individual labels are shown for each website under it's result. A website may belong to one or more labels.

The screenshot will serve as an example :